Understanding Roles Tasks And Human relationships In Education And Instructing

 Understanding Functions Responsibilities And Relationships In Education And Teaching Study Paper

п»ї Alex Speed8th January 2015

Award in Education and Teaching

Understanding Jobs, Responsibilities and Relationships in Teaching and Education

Through this assignment I am going to explain the right way to understand the functions, responsibilities and relationships in teaching and education and how they connect with the instructing cycle and the theories of learning.

1 ) 1 Describe the Instructing role and responsibilities in Education and Training

The roles and responsibilities of a teacher can differ during the teaching pattern, there are five stages to the teaching cycle starting with identifying the needs of the learner. At this stage the role of teacher happens to be an assessor, the responsibility of the tutor is to recognize the requirements of the learner and to screen their own practice to ensure the student needs will be met. The planning and design stage from the teaching cycle, the part of the tutor is a advisor and a researcher in fact it is the teacher's responsibility to plan a session which meets the requires of the novice and the requirements of the course. The facilitating stage the teacher is a demonstrator, communicator or a audience and have the responsibility of promoting the scholars through a variety of activities and assessments. The role with the teacher inside the assessing learning stage is that of an assessor, reviewer and provider of feedback as well as the responsibility is usually to give the spanish student accurate reviews and the improvement the spanish student makes can be checked in line with the course requirements. The last level of the circuit is the evaluation stage, the role the teacher is going to take is that of a reviewer or reflector, and has the responsibility to review the potency of the training course. During the complete teaching pattern other educating roles might include interviewing learners, communicating with others, establishing ground rules and also other responsibilities can include following a organisations plans and techniques, following the relevant codes of practice and legislation, keeping a record of attendance, maintaining information of improvement and individual CPD.

1 . 2 Summarise Key facets of legislation, legislation, regulatory requirements and rules of practice relating to very own roles and responsibilities

As being a teacher it is crucial to keep up as of yet with all relevant legislation as well as the particular subject matter you happen to be teaching and also to remain current in your expertise. It is important to learn the difference among a guidelines and code of practice. A legislative requirement is known as a duty to do something accordingly towards the law since defined in an Act of Parliament and usually enforceable through the courts. A code of practice can be described as set of rules outlining how a person in a particular occupation should behave. There are common legislation and codes of practice that here are some examples Health and Safety at the office Act mid 1970s

Race contact Act 2150

Equality Action 2006

Info Protection Take action 1998

Likewise, in my very own role in Health and Interpersonal Care there is more specific legislation of which for example Manual Controlling 1992

COSHH 2002

Mental Health Act 1983

Adult Safeguarding

There are public physiques, corporations and agencies who create restrictions which has to be followed in the event that applicable on your job position.

1 . a few Explain ways to promote Equal rights and Diversity

Equality is ensuring that every spanish student is cared for in the same way. A teacher has to be aware of different learning models and to make sure no spanish student is cured unfairly. Preparing a lessons the instructor needs to consider the environment, how a classroom can be laid out, does the teaching style include oral, visual and kinaesthetic learning styles. Rules need to be established which are suitable for all learners and the teacher needs to ensure all resources are accessible to all learners. Diversity is valuing person differences, so that as a teacher this could be promoted by planning lessons that are achievable, allowing learners to work at diverse levels relating to their capability...

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