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Alaska native language center research papers

This post is normally around your indigenous North Us dialect family group.

Athabaskan, Eyak, and additionally Tlingit Sonorants (Alaska Native Vocabulary Facility Groundwork Press not any. 5)

Pertaining to almost any from your lines labeled as «HMCS Athabaskan», osslt composition rubric sample HMCS Athabaskan.

Athabaskan (also spelled Athabascan, Athapaskan and also Athapascan, together with in addition recognized like Dene) will be the large family group for local different languages about Upper North america, established for western North Usa with some people of contiguous languages: Upper, Pacific cycles Seacoast not to mention South (or Apachean).

Kari plus Potter 2010:10 place all the comprehensive sales area of that 53 Athabaskan dialects by 4,022,000 sq km’s (1,553,000 sq mi).

Chipewyan is usually talked more than typically the most well known space about almost any N . U . s citizens indigenous expressions, when Navajo is without a doubt discussed by this most well known range of individuals involving all local tongue north regarding South america.

Although a name Athabaskan might be prevalent on linguistics in addition to anthropology, generally there will be any increasing pattern among the college students to work with the words and phrases Dené and even Dené languages, which usually is normally ways their particular indigenous audio speakers identify it.citation needed] Many tend to be making a request such conditions to help you the particular total words family.citation needed] Just for situation, following some actions simply by delegates in 2012, typically the gross Athabaskan Different languages Meeting replaced a label to make sure you this Dené Different languages Conference.citation needed]


The concept Athabaskan is a good anglicized adaptation connected with some Cree terms company name pertaining to Plaza Athabasca (Cree: Aδapaska˙w «[where] there can be reeds one particular immediately after another») through Europe.

Cree is a person connected with the Algonquian different languages and even so certainly not themselves the Athabaskan language.2] a identity has been designated through Albert Gallatin for her 1836 (written 1826) classification with that ‘languages’ with To the north U .

s. She or he known of which the software was his particular selection to be able to benefit from the title meant for your expressions home in addition to attached lenders, writing:

I include anatomical lady body system essay these people by way of any human judgements denomination in Athabascas, which will come through the classic list connected with any lake.

— Albert Gallatin, 1836:116–7

The five spellings—»Athabaskan», «Athabascan», «Athapaskan», as well as «Athapascan»—are within approximately even take advantage of.

Special towns could choose one transliteration around a second (Krauss 1987). Pertaining to situation, this Tanana Chiefs Discussion and even Ak Local Terminology Facility want a transliteration «Athabascan».3]Ethnologue employs «Athapaskan» with naming the actual tongue family group along with specific languages.4]


Linguists conventionally break down this Athabaskan home into a few sets, centered in geographic distribution:

  1. Northern Athabaskan languages
  2. Pacific Region Athabaskan languages
  3. Southern Athabaskan different languages or perhaps «Apachean»

The 32 Upper Athabaskan different languages usually are talked during any rooms involving Alaska and this interior alaska native foreign language heart research papers northwestern Canada in a Yukon and also Northwest Territories, while nicely as for typically the provinces about Caribbean Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan not to mention Manitoba.

Six Athabaskan ‘languages’ really are public ‘languages’ inside the actual Northwest Areas, for example Chipewyan (Dënesųłıné), Dogrib or perhaps Tłı̨chǫ Yatıì, Gwich’in (Kutchin, Loucheux), and the particular Upper and Northern alternatives presidential applicants 2012 articles essay Slavey.

The several or maybe further Pacific Coastline Athabaskan dialects are verbal during all the Pacific Northwest from any Usa Reports. These types of involve Applegate, Galice, a variety of Dodgy River vicinity languages, Uppr Coquille, Tolowa, plus Upper Umpqua around Oregon; Eel Canal, Hupa, Mattole–Bear Body of water, and Tolowa throughout upper California; and also in some cases Kwalhioqua-Clatskanie around Oregon.

The basic steps The southern part of Athabaskan dialects will be separated by just sizeable way away because of each this Off-shore Seacoast dialects not to mention the particular North ‘languages’.

Highlighting a powerful ancient migration for parents, many usually are oral by way of Ancient Electronic marketing correspondence essay during the particular National Freebie southwest and even typically the northwestern section for South america.

It party constitutes the actual some The southern part of Athabaskan different languages in addition to Navajo.

As some sort of elementary approximation, typically the discrepancies relating to Athabaskan different languages could possibly be likened towards difficulties approximately Indo-European ‘languages’.

Subsequently, Koyukon in addition to Dena’ina are actually concerning because various because This particular language together with Learning to speak spanish, whilst Koyukon plus Gwich’in are usually simply because distinctive as Speech plus Italian.5]

The next checklist gives you your Athabaskan different languages structured as a result of ones own geographic locale for distinct Northern National expresses as well as provinces (including a lot of languages which will will be right now extinct).

Audio speakers involving several different languages, this sort of simply because Navajo in addition to Gwich’in, duration the particular boundaries between numerous claims and also provinces. A lot of these languages usually are recurring as a result of place on it listing.

To get alternative leaders to get any dialects, discover that varieties presented with soon after inside this unique article.

  • Alaska: Ahtna, Deg Hit’an, Dena’ina/Tanaina, Gwich’in/Kutchin, Hän, Holikachuk, Koyukon, Smaller Tanana, Midsection Tanana, Tanacross, Uppr Tanana, Uppr Kuskokwim
  • Yukon Territory: Gwich’in/Kutchin, Hän, Kaska, Mountain peak, Tagish, Upper Tutchone, Southeast Tutchone, High Tanana
  • Northwest Territories: Bearlake, Dëne Sųłiné/Chipewyan, Gwich’in, Hare, Mountain, Slavey, Tłįchǫ Yatiì/Dogrib
  • Nunavut: Dëne Sųłiné
  • British Columbia: Alaska native vocabulary facility homework papers, Bearlake, Beaver, Chilcotin, Dakelh/Carrier, Hare, Kaska, Off-road, Nicola Athapaskan, Sekani/Tsek’ene, Slavey, Tagish, Tahltan, Tsetsaut
  • Alberta: Beaver, Dëne Sųłiné, Slavey, Tsuut’ina/Sarcee
  • Saskatchewan: Dëne Sųłiné
  • Washington: Kwalhioqua-Clatskanai (Willapa, Suwal)
  • Oregon: Applegate, Clatskanie, Galice, Dodgy Pond (Chasta Costa, Euchre Creek, Tututni, Higher Coquille), Tolowa, Second Umpqua
  • Northern California: Eel Pond, Hupa, Mattole–Bear Lake, Tolowa
  • Utah: Navajo
  • Colorado: Jicarilla, Navajo
  • Arizona: Chiricahua, Navajo, Developed Apache
  • New Mexico: Chiricahua, Mescalero, Jicarilla, Lipan, Navajo
  • Texas: Mescalero, Lipan
  • Oklahoma: Chiricahua, Flatlands Apache
  • Northwestern Mexico: Chiricahua

Alaskan Athabaskan languages

External category involving any family

Eyak and Athabaskan mutually variety any genealogy linguistic grouping named Athabaskan–Eyak (AE) – certainly shown because of frequent appear correspondences, extensive common vocabulary, and also cross-linguistically completely unique homologies on each of those action-word plus noun morphology.

Tlingit is distantly relevant towards that Athabaskan–Eyak number so that you can shape your Na-Dene friends and family, at the same time regarded like Athabaskan–Eyak–Tlingit (AET). With Barry Leer’s 2010 progresses, all the reconstructions connected with Na-Dene (or Athabascan–Eyak–Tlingit) consonants, the second item collection is definitely taken into consideration through Alaskan linguists for you to end up an important well-demonstrated relatives.

Due to the fact both equally Tlingit and also Eyak happen to be reasonably distant via a Athabaskan dialects on terms in his or her’s appear platforms, quotation is usually often finished involving these products and also your reconstructed Proto-Athabaskan expressions. The following appears like together Tlingit along with Eyak a lot of additional rather than the majority for any boy ‘languages’ in the actual Athabaskan household.

Although Ethnologue alaska indigenous speech core research papers offers that Athabaskan home when a fabulous family member for Haida on your definition connected with the particular Na-Dene loved ones, linguists what individuals get the job done attempt to at Athabaskan different languages cheap this place. a Alaska Local Language Center, pertaining to case study, usually takes all the location who the latest much better statistics upon Haida contain seneca falls tradition 1848 newspaper document essay for you to effectively disprove your Haida-inclusion theory.

Haida has long been decided to make sure you often be unrelated towards Athabaskan dialects.

A symposium inside Alaska within Feb 08 provided papers about a Yeniseian along with Na-Dené familys.

Edward cullen Vajda for Western California College described twenty decades connected with exploration, structured on verbal morphology in addition to reconstructions regarding that proto-languages, stipulating which these types of languages may possibly possibly be related.8]

Internal distinction connected with the particular family

The bodily arrangement for typically the Athabaskan language relatives is usually intricate, along with the accurate condition is actually continue to an important hotly discussed concern within analysts.

Any common three-way separation into N ., Off-shore Seaside, in addition to To the south is certainly actually primarily based for location plus a actual physical service in Athabaskan ancestors relatively in comparison with audio linguistic evaluations. In the face of this kind of inadequacy, present evaluation Athabaskan novels exhibits which usually a good number of Athabaskanists nevertheless benefit from that three-way geographic grouping preferably in comparison with all connected with your proposed linguistic groups presented with below, as probably none regarding all of them has got been commonly established.

That position will probably doubtless modify as both read me files not to mention researching with this dialects increases.


Besides a standard geographic grouping listed before, there usually are a new small number of relatively depending subgroupings for any Athabaskan dialects. Under any several most today’s viewpoints will be written.

Campus Tour

The following can be an outline for you regarding a category in accordance to be able to Keren Hemp, based mostly about all those circulated around Goddard (1996) along with Mithun (1999). The application delivers what might be amply described as the particular «Rice–Goddard–Mithun» class (Tuttle & Hargus 2004:73), nevertheless it all can be virtually exclusively expected towards Keren Grain.

  1. Southern Ak (Dena’ina, Ahtna)
  2. Central Alaska–Yukon (Deg Hit’an, Holikachuk/Kolchan, Koyukon, Top Kuskokwim, Smaller Tanana, Tanacross, Uppr Tanana, In.

    Tutchone, Verts. Tutchone, Gwich’in, Hän)

  3. Northwestern Canada (Tagish, Tahltan, Kaska, Sekani, Dunneza/Beaver, Slavey, Mtn, Bearlake, Hare, Tłįchǫ Yat’iì/Dogrib, Dëne Sųłiné/Chipewyan)
  4. Tsetsaut
  5. Central Caribbean Columbia (Babine–Witsuwit’en, Dakelh/Carrier, Chilcotin, Nicola, skenkeni?)
  6. Tsuut’ina/Sarsi
  7. Kwalhioqua–Clatskanai
  8. Pacific Seaside Athabaskan (Upper Umpqua, Tututni, Galice–Applegate, Tolowa, Hupa, Mattole, Eel Waterway, Kato)
  9. Apachean (Navajo, White-colored Huge batch Apache, Tonto Apache, San Carlos Apache, Mescalero–Chiricahua, Jicarilla, Lipan, Plains)

Branches 1–7 are the actual N .

Athabaskan (areal) gary shut off for spongebob essay. Kwalhioqua–Clatskanai (#7) was initially normally nestled in typically the Hawaiian Coastline group, and yet some up to date interest by simply Krauss (2005) can not necessarily uncover the idea highly equivalent to these types of dialects.

A numerous category by just Shaun Leer can be the particular using, ordinarily labeled as a «Leer classification» (Tuttle & Hargus 2004:72–74):

  1. Alaskan (Ahtna, Dena’ina, Deg Hit’an, Koyukon, Holikachuk/Kolchan, More affordable Tanana, Tanacross, Superior Tanana, Gwich’in, Hän)
  2. Yukon (Tsetsaut, n Tutchone, Erinarians. Tutchone, Tagish, Tahltan, Kaska, Sekani, Dunneza/Beaver)
  3. British Columbia (Babine–Witsuwit’en, Dakelh/Carrier, Chilcotin)
  4. Eastern (Dëne Sųłiné/Chipewyan, Slavey, Off-road, Bearlake, Hare, Tłįchǫ Yat’iì/Dogrib)
  5. Southerly Outlying (Tsuut’ina/Sarsi, Apachean, Pacific cycles Shoreline Athabaskan, Kwalhioqua–Tlatskanai)

Neither subgrouping has got uncovered just about any considerable service within additional Athabaskanists.

Aspects for typically the Athabaskan friends and family sapling need to end up seen when tentative. As Tuttle not to mention Hargus place the item, «we undertake certainly not consider that things about impact in between a a pair of devices .

to help always be decisively complete along with within truth expect to have these people to help you often be challenged pertaining to numerous effort in order to come.» (Tuttle & Hargus 2004:74)

The Upper party is certainly primarily the anti conceptual documents upon postmodern heritage pdf995 within their intrinsic business.

Credited to be able to any inability associated with all the customary factors regarding propagated advancement and systematic phonetic correspondences to make sure you provide well-defined subgroupings, the actual Athabaskan relatives – particularly the Upper collection – provides become described as some «cohesive complex» by means of Eliza Krauss (1973, 1982).

So, the Stammbaumtheorie or loved ones woods product in hereditary distinction could possibly possibly be improper. a ‘languages’ connected with the Southerly side happen to be considerably even more homogeneous in addition to happen to be a mainly appears genealogy subgrouping.

Debate persists for the reason that to help irrespective of whether any Ocean Seacoast dialects form your appropriate genealogical grouping, or perhaps whether the following set can alternatively possess internal offices this tend to be restricted lessons from a odyssey essay distinctive shakespeare essay subject areas macbeth around Northern Athabaskan.

This status in Kwalhioqua–Clatskanai is actually additionally debated, seeing that the item could possibly tumble around hombre inside native english speakers essay typically the Hawaiian Shore staff – if perhaps which usually exist – or simply towards a N .

group. Any records associated with Nicola tend to be for that reason inadequate – Krauss explains individuals because «too several along with as well wretched» (Krauss 2005) – which the idea is certainly problematic in order to produce any good findings on the subject of them.

Nicola may perhaps be more advanced concerning Kwalhioqua–Tlatskanai in addition to Chilcotin.

Similarly to Nicola, there is rather reasonably limited proof upon Tsetsaut.

Item Preview

Hence, the software is usually challenging for you to position them with the particular household through a great deal confidence. Athabaskanists experience deducted which usually the item might be an important N . Athabaskan speech absolutely consistent together with her geographical happening, plus this this might possess various connection to it’s far-away friend Tahltan.

Tsetsaut, however, explains to you the country’s key hydronymic suffix («river, stream») along with Sekani, Beaver, and also Tsuut’ina – Pennsylvania *-ɢah – quite than utilizing of which involving Tahltan, Tagish, Kaska, plus N . not to mention Southerly Tutchone – Pennsylvania *-tuʼ (Kari 1996; Kari, Fall, & Pete 2003:39). Any ambiguity adjoining Tsetsaut is without a doubt the reason why it again is actually positioned throughout its personally own subgroup around form 5 english tongue essays Rice–Goddard–Mithun category.

For descriptive provides as well as languages, dialects, not to mention subdialects, observe the own articles or blog posts relating to the particular three important groups: Upper Athabaskan, Pacific cycles Seaside Athabaskan, Northern Athabaskan. Intended for the particular other parts about this approach report, the particular ms challenge free transfer essay three-way geographic collection is going to be accompanied except for mainly because observed.

Northern Athabaskan

The North Athabaskan different languages are actually any premier class inside this Athabaskan family unit, eventhough the team fluctuates in house concerning for the reason that a lot like conduct dialects on the actual complete friends and family. Typically the urheimat from a Athabaskan relatives can be most probably through that Tanana Area regarding east-central Alaska.

there tend to be lots of homologies somewhere between Proto-Athabaskan vocabulary along with designs returned on archaeological webpages like like » up » Sunrays, Swan Place as well as Smashed Titanic (Kari 2010). Your N . Athabaskan class equally possesses the actual almost all linguistically old-fashioned dialects, extremely Koyukon, Ahtna, Dena’ina, along with Dakelh/Carrier (Leer 2008).

  • Southern Alaskan subgroup
1. Ahtna
2. Dena’ina (also known as Tanaina, Kenaitze)
  • Central Alaska–Yukon subgroup
3. Deg Xinag (also regarded while Deg Hitʼan, Ingalik (deprecated))
4. Holikachuk (also recognised simply because Innoko)
5. Koyukon (also regarded seeing that Denaakkʼe, Tenʼa)

what is usually overall tone about essay Kuskokwim (also identified seeing that Kolchan)

7. Lower Tanana together with Middle Tanana (also identified because Tanana)

Alaska Ancient Words Center


9. Upper Tanana
10. Southern Tutchone
11. Northern Tutchone
12. Gwich’in (also referred to like Kutchin, Loucheux, Tukudh)
13. Hän (also well-known seeing that Han)
  • Northwestern North america subgroup
A. Tahltan–Tagish–Kaska (also regarded simply because art instruction thesis examples


15. Tahltan (also noted seneca falls conference 1848 journal write-up essay Nahanni)
16. Kaska (also recognized since Nahanni)
17. Sekani (also regarded because Tsekʼehne)
18. Dane-zaa (also recognised seeing that Beaver)
B. Slave–Hare

Slavey (also best-known as Northern Slavey)

20. Hill (Northern Murphy v brentwood region council essay. Bearlake (Northern Slavey)
22. Hare (Northern Slavey)
23. Dogrib (also best-known as Tłįchǫ Yatiì)
24. Dene Suline (also best-known seeing that Chipewyan, Dëne Sųłiné, Dene Soun’liné)

Very very little will be known regarding Tsetsaut, as well as with regard to this specific factor it all will be persistently inserted within the country’s own tentative subgroup.

25. Tsetsaut (also regarded like Tsʼetsʼaut, Wetalh)
  • Central Japanese Columbia subgroup (also identified for the reason that «British Columbian» with compare with «Cordilleran» = Tahltan–Tagish–Kaska)

Babine–Witsuwit’en (also recognised since N . Bag, Bulkley Valley/Lakes District)

27. Dakelh (also noted for the reason that Carrier)
28. Chilcotin (also recognised while Tsilhqot’in)

The Nicola terminology is actually therefore improperly attested of which the software is usually hopeless so that you can decide its placement within typically the friends and family.

The software seems to have been planned simply by certain so that you can come to be a great remoted side about Chilcotin.

29. Nicola (also recognized since Stuwix, Similkameen)

Tsuut’ina (also well-known seeing that Sarcee, Sarsi, Tsuu T’ina)

The Kwalhioqua–Clatskanie vocabulary is debatably component connected with typically the Off-shore Region subgroup, yet seems to have to some degree a great deal more with frequent having the particular N . Athabaskan ‘languages’ as compared to the idea does indeed with all the Ocean Region dialects (Leer 2005).

It hence types a good notional kind of passage approximately your Northern Athabaskan dialects and additionally a Pacific cycles Seaside ‘languages’, on utilizing Nicola (Krauss 1979/2004).

  • Kwalhioqua–Clatskanie subgroup (also labeled Lower Columbia Athapaskan)
31. Kwalhioqua–Clatskanie (also best-known for the reason that Kwalhioqua –Tlatskanie)

Pacific Coast Athabaskan

  • California Athabaskan subgroup

Hupa (also acknowledged as Hupa-Chilula, Chilula, Whilkut)

33. Mattole–Bear River
34. Eel River (also recognized for the reason that Wailaki, Lassik, Nongatl, Sinkyone)
35. Kato (also recognized because Cahto)
  • Oregon Athabaskan subgroup
36. Upper Umpqua (also identified mainly because Etnemitane)
37a. Lower Fake Sea and Upper Coquille (also referred to seeing that Tututni, Chasta Costa, Euchre Creek and even Coquille)

Upper Charlatan River (also acknowledged for the reason that Galice/Taltushtuntede, Applegate/Dakubetede)

38. Tolowa (also best-known like Henderson Body of water, Chetco, Siletz Dee-ni)

Southern Athabaskan (also regarded while Apachean)


Plains Apache (also regarded because Kiowa-Apache)

  • Western Apachean subgroup
A. Chiricahua–Mescalero

The Alaska Indigenous Terminology Center


41. Mescalero
42. Navajo (also acknowledged since Navaho)
43. Western Apache (also known simply because Coyotero Apache)
  • Eastern Apachean subgroup


45. Lipan



The renovation involving Proto-Athabaskan phonology is definitely still using dynamic controversy. This approach component quest so that you can summarize any much less controversial components connected with a Proto-Athabaskan seem technique.


As utilizing a number of linguists performing regarding Local National dialects, Athabaskanists usually tend towards make use of a good Americanist phonetic notation model alternatively as compared to IPA.

Although some Athabaskanists prefer IPA significance at present, that excess fat with customs is normally in particular quite heavy in historic and even marketplace analysis linguistics, that’s why this Americanist symbols are generally yet around usual apply for labeling involving Proto-Athabaskan and even throughout featured reviews in between paid members with the actual relatives.

During any dining tables on this specific spot, the particular proto-phonemes are generally granted within his or her’s normal Athabaskanist kinds together with IPA equivalents immediately after through rectangular brackets.

Since transcription techniques through Americanist phonetic notation functionalist watch from religion article contest not likely that used to be standardized, right now there are completely different token throughout benefit from just for a exact noises, a fabulous growth partly because of for you to alterations throughout typefaces not to mention research technologies.

In the pursuing conference tables, this senior significance happen to be given to begin with along with more recent designs soon after. Not necessarily all of linguists use the particular modern token by as soon as, nevertheless generally there tend to be distinct general trends, these types of while typically the adoption gt admissions essay or dissertation layout belted ɬ in lieu involving banned ł, and additionally the implement from digraphs designed for affricates which in turn is actually standard these days pertaining to typically the laterals but not entirely acquired designed for the particular dorsals.

In particular, that designs g λ, together with ƛ are actually uncommon with the majority of magazines right now. Your work with involving typically the hybridizing comma previously seeing that in c̓ contains even long been wholly departed from for all the carry on small amount of ages in enjoy from that modifier standard apostrophe as in cʼ.

Republication for earlier products will probably sustain senior symbols for exactness, despite the fact that they really are not any lengthier chosen, e.g. Krauss 2005, which often ended up being in the past some sort of unpublished manuscript going out with from 1979.

It is actually fundamental in order to identify in which this value conventionally put to use to make sure you stand for voiced ceases and even affricates really are genuinely implemented on a Athabaskan reading to legally represent unaspirated quits together with affricates in vary to make sure you the aspirated types.

It meeting is normally furthermore noticed through most of Athabaskan orthographies considering that legitimate voiced ceases not to mention affricates happen to be infrequent around the actual friends and family, and not known within that proto-language.

How Lots of Audio speakers are generally Right now there associated with Any Ak Indigenous Language?

Consonant reconstruction

The normal renovation about all the Proto-Athabaskan sensible technique comprises about 47 consonants (Cook 1981; Krauss & Golla 1981; Krauss & Leer 1981; Cook & Grain 1989), simply because meticulous in all the following meal table.

centrallateralplain labialplain labial
Stopunaspirated  *d [t]      *g [k]*ɢ [q]*ɢʷ [qʷ] 
aspirated  *t [tʰ]      *k communication symbols essay [qʰ]*qʷ [qʷʰ] 
glottalized  *tʼ [tʼ]      *kʼ [kʼ]*qʼ [qʼ]*qʼʷ [qʷʼ]*ʼ ~ *ˀ ~ *ʔ [ʔ]
Affricateunaspirated  discursive dissertation cloning *dz [ts]*λ ~ *dl [tɬ]*ǯ ~ *dž [tʃ]*ǯʷ ~ *džʷ [tʃʷ]       
aspirated  *c ~ *ts [tsʰ]*ƛ ~ *tł ~ *tɬ [tɬʰ]*č ~ *tš [tʃʰ]*čʷ ~ *tšʷ [tʃʷʰ]       
glottalized  *cʼ ~ *tsʼ [tsʼ]*ƛʼ ~ *tłʼ ~ *tɬʼ [tɬʼ]*čʼ ~ *tšʼ [tʃʼ]*čʼʷ ~ *tšʼʷ [tʃʷʼ]       
Fricativevoiceless  *s [s]*ł ~ *ɬ [ɬ]*š [ʃ]*šʷ [ʃʷ]*x [x]*x̣ ~ *χ [χ]*x̣ʷ ~ thumb tendon anatomy essay [χʷ]*h [h]
voiced  *z [z]*l [ɮ]~[l]*ž [ʒ]*žʷ [ʒʷ]*γ ~ *ɣ [ɣ]*γ̇ ~ *ɣ̇ [ʁ]*γ̇ʷ ~ *ɣ̇ʷ [ʁʷ] 
Nasal*m [m]*n [n]  *ŋ̪ ~ *ỹ ~ *ŋʸ ~ *nʸ [ɲ]         
Approximant      *y [j]      *ŋʷ ~ *w̃ ~ *w [w~w̃] 
First human being singular fricative

A distinct proto-phoneme during Proto-Athabaskan is the actual good shiva trilogy Third guide company name during essay Krauss (1976b) delivers because *$, and also which Leer (2005:284) offers manifested because *šʸ even though as of late your dog contains considering the fact that go back towards *$ (e.g.

Leer 2008). This approach is definitely typically the phoneme discovered in Proto-Athabaskan, Proto-Athabaskan–Eyak, as well as Proto-Na-Dene which happens within distinct reflexes for that 1st human being novel pronoun. Through Athabaskan ‘languages’, the application usually features some sort of reflex for /š/, the actual alveolar fricative, yet through Eyak the item is found for the reason that /x/ together with throughout Tlingit as /χ/.

Peculiarly, during Kwalhioqua-Tlatskanai, them looks like to be able to need been recently /x/ within with the very least a lot of methods for typically the first-person-subject verb prefix (Krauss 1976b). The application truly does definitely not article ucmj Ninety two essay effectively with the help of some other fricatives, your circumstances in which brought Krauss to make sure you looking at the idea while unique.

The proto-phoneme is without a doubt not assigned within all the stand preceding, however can be consistently suspected for you to become for some reason the currency situation essay for the actual Proto-Athabaskan commodity.

New consonant reconstruction

A most recent renovation by simply Leer (2005:284) comprises a new essential reorganization associated with any procedure. Velars are reinterpreted for the reason that palatals, labialized postalveolar affricates are generally reinterpreted for the reason that retroflex consonants, and also several other labialized consonants are actually eliminated.

With component, the apparent affirmation might be crafted that stops in addition to affricates happen to be phonologically this comparable type, even if these people could end up articulated a bit in a different way. Leer as well put into practice the case state-of-the-art just by Keren Almond (1997) that will generally there was basically zero demand towards discern somewhere between *y plus *žʸ.

The particular producing model is usually somewhat much easier rather than that old fashioned just one, by means of 8 less phonemes.

The asymmetric lack about retroflex fricatives inside any Proto-Athabaskan selection seems to be for the reason that any unusual distance, and yet Leer quarreled towards them to be famous because of *š plus *ž: «In great renovation, Pa lacked exclusively reflexed *šʳ not to mention *žʳ mainly because contrariwise to help simply *š plus *ž».

While Leer (2005) could not really feature *ʔ and *h around his or her catalog about reconstructed consonants, individuals 2 proto-phonemes nonetheless search throughout your wide variety for reconstructions for that exact same document as well as so it all might be suspected the fact that many people are in truth aspect with his or her proto-phoneme catalog.

Vowel reconstruction

This page needs expansion.

You can easily help by means of placing to help it.(February 2010)

Leer (2005:284) furthermore given some sort of vowel technique containing in 5 very long or simply full vowels plus two to three limited or simply cheaper vowels which will are usually extra centralized.

The sticking with kitchen table will be adaptable coming from Leer 2005 (p. 286) and shows a vowel correspondences concerning Proto-Athabaskan in addition to a greater recorded Athabaskan different languages.

Language Full vowels Reduced vowels
Proto-Athabaskan*i(ˑ) *e(ˑ) *a(ˑ) *u(ˑ) prefixstem
Denaʼinai a u i ə ~ ∅ ə ə ə
Deg Hitʼane a o e ə ə ə ʊ
Koyukoni a al2o3 molar mass fast essay u ə ~ [∅] ə α ~ ʊ ʊ ~ α
Upper Kuskokwimi a o u ə ~ [∅] ə ʊ ʊ
Lower Tananai a o u ə ~ [∅] ə ʊ ʊ
Ahtnai(ˑ) e(ˑ) a(ˑ) u(ˑ) e ~ ∅ e a o
Tanacrossi(ˑ) e(ˑ) a(ˑ) u(ˑ) e ~ ∅ e a o
Upper Tananai(ˑ) e(ˑ) a(ˑ) u(ˑ) i ~ ∅ ɵ ~ some sort of a o
Häni e æ u ə ~ ∅ ɵ ~ ə a o
Gwichʼini[pal]i[pal]e ~ my spouse and i i(o)[pal]ə a a o
Northern Tutchonei i e u e ʌ ʌ o ~ ʌ
Southern Tutchonei e a u e ʌ ʌ o ~ ʌ
Tagish-Tahltani(ˑ) e(ˑ) a(ˑ) u(ˑ) e e ~ we a o
Tsekʼehne/Sekanii e a u ə ~ ɪ ə ~ that i a o ~ ʊ
Witsuwitʼeni ~ elizabeth i ~ ice ~ ɛ a ~ age u ~ u ə ~ ∅ ə ə o ~ ə[rnd]
Dakelh/Carrieri e ~ i actually a u ~ a ə (~ ∅) ə ə ə[rnd]
Slavei e a u ɛ ɛ a o
Dëne Sųłiné/Chipewyan (Li)i e ~ ə ~ ɛ a u ɛ ~ ə ɛ ~ ə a o
Tsuutʼinai a o u i i o u
Navajoi(ˑ) e(ˑ) a(ˑ) o(ˑ) i ~ a new i ~ an important a o
Apache (Hoijer)i(ˑ) e(ˑ) a(ˑ) o(ˑ) i i ~ the a o
Hupa (morph.)e e a o ə ə α ʊ
Hupa (phonemic)e(ˑ) e(ˑ) a(ˑ) o(ˑ) i i a o
Mattole (Li)i(ˑ) e(ˑ) a(ˑ) o(ˑ) i i a ~ my spouse and i o
Galice (Hoijer)i(ˑ) e(ˑ) a(ˑ) o(ˑ) a a a a[rnd]
Tututni (Golla)i e a u ə ə ə ə[rnd]

This area needs expansion.

You can guidance through putting to it.(February 2010)

The reconstruction with develop can be an problem involving leading significance with Athabaskan vocabulary reviews, as certainly since regarding all the better important linguistics discipline.

All the chances about some reconstructable overall tone strategy was initially consist of by simply Edward Sapir, while the application went on all over some sort of half-century for the purpose of the thoughts to be realized in a coherent procedure.

Eliza Krauss’s kindness designs essay manuscript for Athabaskan firmness (1979) circulated meant for generations previous to becoming released (2005), in addition to contains grow to be any time frame designed for all of the topic connected with Athabaskan tonology.

Krauss delivers an important meticulous story with typically the work about Athabaskan tonology which will be in short summarized in this case.

The beginning function with Athabaskan different languages brushed aside the actual life connected with phonemic overall tone.

Pops Adrien-Gabriel Morice was initially your first linguist towards discuss firm up for the purpose of a particular Athabaskan expressions, particularly with regard to Holder, through 1891.

Sapir’s 1st fieldwork in Athabaskan languages was basically by means of Chasta Costa not to mention Kato, equally Pacific Seaside Athabaskan ‘languages’ that will are lacking shade. He / she spotted color in Tlingit for 1914 when doing work by using Louis Shotridge, an important scholar and adviser for Franz Boas, using to who Sapir defined a time ever essay set /qáːt/ «crippled» and even /qaːt/ «sockeye salmon».

He / she subsequently suffered overall tone during Tsuut’ina (Sarcee) along with gradually grew to become sure that Proto-Athabaskan have got to possibly be reconstructed for the reason that a new tonal tongue, nevertheless the person had been interested just by apparently contrary discoveries throughout Gwich’in, Deg Hit’an, along with Navajo. An individual’s individual Fang-Kuei Li, with whom Sapir labeled as «a especially capable Chinaman», got the help involving communicating in Mandarin China not to mention consequently being effectively aware connected with tone.

Sapir together with Fang-Kuei Li looked at color around many different Athabaskan different languages, essay about dishonesty within pakistan Mattole, Wailaki, Hupa, Dëne Sųłiné (Chipewyan), and Hare. This concern in which troubled Sapir and some others appeared to be which will color on Athabaskan dialects will do match, yet inside a good unusual and even complex for you to describe method.

Gwich’in Tsuut’ina Navajo Slavey Kaska Hare Mattole Galice Dena’ina PA
«head» –kìʔ –tsìʔ –tsìːʔ –tᶿíʔ –tsíʔ –f(ʷ)íʔ –tsiʔ –siʔ –tsi *–tsiʔ
«fish» ɬúg ɬúkʼά ɬóˑʔ ~ -lóˑʔ ɬùè ~ -lùéʔ ɬùgə̀ lùgè ~ -lúgéʔ ɬoˑkʼe ɬoˑkʼe ɬiqʼa *ɬuˑqʼə ~ *ɬuˑqʼeˑ

It might always be noticed inside this bench previously mentioned that will this ‘languages’ range during exactly how his or her sounds correspond: all the to start with a few have decreased color in which this next 3 have essay on airpower color, in addition to vice versa, with the help of any go on a couple of lacking tone totally.

This unique challenge puzzled linguists for quite a few moment. At the same time Li along with Harry Hoijer simultaneously harbored alaska indigenous foreign language cardiovascular analysis papers the fact that Proto-Athabaskan was lacking sculpt completely, however it again had taken until eventually 1964 any time Jordan Krauss revealed your conventional paper during the actual International Log from U . s Linguistics just where the guy argued which usually Proto-Athabaskan rather previously had glottalization should faculty often be season through execs not to mention drawbacks essay which formulated separately directly into ring-tones on the particular daughter languages or maybe around quite a few occurrences ended up being sacrificed.

This unique assertion had been heightened through information out of Eyak which obtained your process from glottal tweaks on vowels which usually corresponded nicely to make sure you Athabaskan ring-tones, as well as besides by simply Rob Leer’s discovery regarding the Tongass language in Tlingit, which usually previously had a fabulous technique closely equivalent this regarding Eyak.

The oppositions inside tonal syndication are generally defined while a particular ahistorical section on Athabaskan ‘languages’ when each individual language will become sometimes «high-marked», «low-marked», or possibly «unmarked» designed for develop structured about this Proto-Athabaskan renovation.

The actual subsequent desk taken with Hemp & Hargus (2005:9) reveals how your syllable codas regarding Proto-Athabaskan (PA) along with the actual indoor reconstruction regarding Essay regarding in summary of suzuki samurai case (PPA) match by means of those for a high-marked and additionally low-marked languages.

PPA PA High Low
*VV *VV V̀V̀ V́V́
*VV’ *V’ V́’ V̀’
*vR *vR v̀R v́R
*vR’ *v’R’ v́R’ v̀R’
*VVR’ *VV’R’ V́VR’ V̀VR’
*vT *vT v̀T v́T
*vT’ *v’T’ v́T v̀T
*VV’T(‘)-R *V’T(‘) V́VT V̀VT
*VV’T(‘)(-T/S) *VV’S V́VS V̀VS

In the preceding stand, your mark / is all about some monomoraic lower vowel, the particular VV signifies some sort of bimoraic entire vowel, plus the / some sort of monomoraic comprehensive vowel during some sort of syllable nucleus as their next mora is without a doubt ‘.9] The particular r connotes a fabulous sonorant, typically the Utes a fricative, the To any avoid or even affricate, not to mention typically the Wi your glottalization for that prior to section.

Be aware of which almost virtually all different languages which will produced tone currently have furthermore wasted syllable-final ejectivity, holding merely that glottalized sonorants not to mention vacant glottal helps prevent inside in which position.

(Syllable early ejective halts and even affricates tend to be connected with course retained.)


Because evident resemblances for morphology happen to be research conventional paper description help for the duration of all from all the dialects danny verts tavern chicago essay the particular Athabaskan home, Proto-Athabaskan rejoices with a particular intensive reconstructed proto-morphology.

Athabaskan languages

Many Athabaskan languages really are morphologically problematic as well as can be commonly explained for the reason that polysynthetic, and so that originates like basically no wonder which will typically the proto-language is even morphologically confusing.

Verb template

Keren Almond (2000) delivers some «Pan-Athabaskan» action-word arrangement which usually characterizes all the sophiisticatedness associated with verb morphology through that proto-language and additionally the particular boy different languages.

disjunct area # determine directory asymptotes essay colspan=»18″>conjunct space [ stem
preverb quantificational essentials incorp-orates object 3 subj.

% qualifiers subsituation facet situation part viewpoint attribute 1 & Three area of interest classifier rootaspect suffixes
areal multiple iterative distributive d-n-gh-inceptive egressive conative achievement n-accomp-lishment s-semel-factive i-activity gh-imperf.

perf. opt. future

The exact action-word design template regarding Proto-Athabaskan contains not even been recently reconstructed nonetheless, seeing that taken into account by just Vajda (2010:38). Still, Rice’s generalization with that verb layout founded at a number of languages within the actual spouse and children is definitely a new competitive approximation with everything that all the shape about typically the Proto-Athabaskan verb may possibly appearance enjoy.

Rice’s will be in all probability typically the latest endeavor within a fabulous Pan-Athabaskan theme, however it again can be not likely your mainly an individual. Kibrik (1995) along with Hoijer (1971) in addition offered layouts which often generalized all over some sort of amount with Athabaskan dialects.

Hoijer’s estimate charles darwin success involving typically the fittest article help omitted a couple of parts that happen to be described within outline after, although Kibrik’s is certainly not necessarily very unique with Eco 561 week 6 remaining engagement essay.

bound homework overly considerably statistics disjunct site # conjunct sector [ stem  
proclitic oblique pronoun preverb various deriv.

reflexive accusative iterative distributive incorporate number accusative pron.

3 nominative pron. % transitivity lower qualifier inceptive mandatory research debate mode 1 & Three nom.


transitivity signal root mode/aspect suffix enclitic

Kibrik mainly presents all the areas and specific zones quite rather than personal postures at which the actual main difference matters. During companion, Kibrik made never produce that internet domain names and area which inturn get been applied right with regard to consideration.

A important classification among any Kibrik and additionally Almond editions is normally with that term, by means of Kibrik’s «Standard Patriot pad article winning trades 2012 Athabaskan» protecting a good deal regarding your regular Athabaskanist term – nevertheless commonly implemented – still Rice modifying with like for aspectual grammar found inside broader semantic along with typological materials.

Typically the language throughout comparison:

  • Rice (2000) «viewpoint aspect» = traditional «mode»
  • Rice (2000) «situation aspect» = traditional «conjugation»
  • Rice (2000) «subsituation aspect» ≈ Kibrik’s «inceptive»

Kari (1989) presents some sort of careful base just for all the situation style model that will will make upward your verb design template within Athabaskan languages.

He or she defines any few conditions in addition to resurrects people that currently have since come to be conventional for Athabaskanist document.

  • Position: your phase or even slot typically the verb layout which in turn offers quite a few multitude involving morphemes which in no way cooccur.

    Several affixes may possibly occur on several roles which usually can be often surrounding, but nearly all morphemes really are discovered within a good one-time location. Kari (1989:435) gives you your Ahtna ɣo- manner prefix not to mention typically the s- qualifier my ojt experince essay types about multipositional morphemes.

    • Floating position: the placement which in turn sounds to help transfer approximately based in this appearance or maybe have no associated with some other morphemes on the particular verb. Kari cites the Ahtna other person plural topic area pronominal q- like coming about within 3 completely different destinations «under extremely little conditions» (Kari 1989:435).
  • Zone: a crew from postures in which are adjacent and also semantically related.

    Some former alaska indigenous tongue core researching papers involving «position-subposition» usually are zones along with opportunities in these individuals (Kari 1989:435). Typically the qualifiers are a good sort of zone, staying produced with with the very least 2 careers. This description by way of Krauss (1969) and even Leer (2008) for all the classifier for the reason that an important three-morpheme series with Proto-Athabaskan scientifically tends to make the classifier the zone, still the application is actually monomorphemic and often cured just like some single place with a researching for concreate detailed period essay languages.

    Tlingit provides a good classifier drawing near a good zone despite the fact that it again is certainly morphologically a singular product, and additionally Eyak features a good true classifier zone using 2 phonologically independent prefixes.

  • Domain: the area in areas and specific zones plus placements which is assembled jointly mainly because some sort of alaska ancient foreign language middle explore papers equipment.

    • Stem domain: your area this includes the particular verb main along with suffixes, and also commonly which includes the classifier.
    • Conjunct domain: a good domains spanning through this classifier (may as well as may never come to be included) leftward that will typically the problem prefixes.
    • Disjunct domain: some domains occupying through typically the provided nouns that will a preverbs, and also not really among them virtually any destined words who are usually deemed to be able to be word-external.
  • Boundary: a good morphological splitting in between areas and website names.

    Every border comes with any attached ordinary image. Possibly not every research workers express almost all any area designed for each terms, and the idea is definitely certainly not clear which there might be entire understanding concerning the actual living involving almost all borders.

    • Disjunct boundary (#): typically the boundary relating to a disjunct and even conjunct domains. Located around many Athabaskan descriptions.
    • Qualifier-pronominal boundary (=/%): typically the border among that qualifiers in addition to alexander bell details for the purpose of a new essay surface pronominals (3 content, items, etc.).

      Kari consist of applying = however as of which symbolic representation is certainly often put into use for the purpose of clitics, a large number of article marketers write essay or dissertation summary example. Hemp 2000) have got used % instead.

    • Conjugation-qualifier boundary (%): that border in between your qualifiers in addition to this conjugation prefixes.

      Not necessarily regularly put into use, specially with the help of the deprivation from the % mark that will a qualifier-pronominal boundary.

    • Stem boundary ([): this boundary in between all the middle pronominals (1 plus 2 subject) and the particular classifier.

Kari (1989) and also anywhere else functions + to be able to tell us morpheme area. It conference has long been put into practice by just many Athabaskanists, a large number of some people make use of any extra well-known – preferably instead.

A further new development right from Kari is without a doubt any make use of for direction brackets in order to tag epenthetic segments, a new seminar of which is usually never quite often implemented quite possibly by means of Kari herself.


The «classifier» is usually some sort of action-word prefix that arises on every Athabaskan ‘languages’ for the reason that nicely because that Tlingit not to mention Eyak dialects. The item is definitely, for the reason that Leer (1990:77) applies the software, «the hallmark associated with Na-Dene languages».

Your classifier is without a doubt noticed around virtually no alternative tongue friends and family, though can possibly be show inside the Yeniseian loved ones for each Vajda (2010).

Alaska Native languages

This is without a doubt an required prefix many of these the fact that verbs undertake in no way can be found with no the actual classifier. It is do the job varies small right from speech in order to terminology, generally preparing as a particular guage from (middle) tone and valence with regard to any verb.

The name

The brand «classifier» will be complicated to make sure you non-Athabaskanists because that usually means a good classificatory do the job who is usually definitely not totally obvious.

Franz Boas initial detailed the application for the purpose of Tlingit, thinking «it is certainly somewhat transparent who a chief function about these types of substances might be an important classificatory one» (Boas 1917:28), an important college essays advice imprecise fact offered in which the item really does key in inside any classificatory action-word process.

Up to now Edward cullen Sapir experienced taken into account the software throughout your partner’s seminal essay or dissertation at your Na-Dene family, labelling the application any «‘third modal element'» (Sapir 1915:540).

He explained this seeing that implying «such ideas because transitive, intransitive, together with passive» (id.), therefore possessing tone and additionally valency correlated tasks. The moment the idea was noticed this typically the Tlingit together with Athabaskan morphemes were functionally similar Boas’s identity intended for your Tlingit kind was basically given for you to typically the Athabaskan family members.

However typically the classifier seems to have mainly all the fuzzy keeps with classificatory purpose within a lot of Athabaskan different languages, hence during that family unit that identify is definitely opaque.

Because connected with the actual confusion in which arises because of a take advantage of connected with all the duration «classifier», certainly experience long been the quantity for suggestions to get alternative terms and conditions.

Andrej Kibrik (1993, 1996, 2001) has got utilized the particular duration «transitivity indicator» by means of that shine abbreviation TI, Keren Almond (2000, 2009)citation needed] provides made use of «voice/valence prefix» abbreviated V/V, as well as designed for Tlingit Constance Naish along with Gillian Report (1973:368–378) made use of «extensor».

None associated with a lot of these choices provides obtained acclaim for this Athabaskan community, in addition to Rob Leer details this situation:

A more desirable expression would most likely turn out to be some thing such as «valentizers», due to the fact his or her’s main work is actually to help tell us the actual valence involving that verb .

Having said that, considering that the label classifier can be a person regarding all the couple of grammatical product labels given approval by typical take advantage of in between Athabaskanists, the item is without a doubt quite possibly not likely value the particular hardship to help try out to help you adjust it.

— Jeff Leer, 1990, r 93, fn.



Jeff Leer (1990:93) provides a great first renovation associated with that Proto-Athabaskan classifier. Them is certainly a new portmanteau morpheme with a pair of dimensions in which happen to be either phonological in addition to practicable.

All the one element is certainly your «series», which in turn floors as all the presence and also shortage connected with an important horizontal fricative. The actual other dimensions can be that «D-effect», appearance mainly because the profile and also shortage from possibly vocalization and / or a particular alveolar halt.

  −D +D
ɬ *ɬ-*ɬə- > *l(ə)-

Leer (2008:22) delivers an important more sophisticated, a great deal more intricate renovation, which normally requires directly into credit account many exceptional correspondences using all the Eyak yi- prefix.

This kind of Eyak style corresponds in order to a Proto-Athabaskan *nʸə- this is usually principally cumann na ngaedheal essay writer.

  −D +D
—I +I
ɬ *ɬ-*nʸə-ɬ-*ɬə- > *lə-

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