Techology Review

 Techology Assessment Essay

Technology Review

Create a list of five educational online games website:

1 . Pbskids. org

2 . Starfall. com

three or more. Ixl. com

4. FunBrain. com

your five. abcmouse. com IXL make mathematics practices fun and motivate pupils through fun games and practice concerns. Widely recognized while the Web's most comprehensive math site, IXL offers a dynamic and enjoyable environment for children to train math. College students who make use of IXL are succeeding like never just before. With that said, this excellent website allow instructors and parents to develop accounts for their particular students, track their improvement, and perspective a wealthy assortment of reports showing them just how their students are improving. It also enables students to correct their mistakes and master mathematics concepts conveniently. With small training, it is very easy to use and manipulate. For a teacher and thirty pupils to have unrestricted access to this educational Web-affiliated technology for the whole year, the school or instructor must pay $199. This technology offers an excellent technical support. It is easily available at any point and time of day; 24 seven during. Many educators have state that this web-based technology help students being stimulated, engaged, enthusiastic about mathematics and decreases frustration out of mathematics because it gives students the opportunity to practice by his or her own pace and maintain them concentrated. Instructors can use or perhaps customize more than 40, 1000 ready-made quizzes for all ages and level levels, observe student and class progress daily with instant research, and designate FunBrain online games that build skills and correlate to national assessment standards. Educators can confidently encourage students to use Funbrain in the classroom during their free time, confident that children will enjoy a great educational, safe online learning experience. Funbrain's games support students develop what they have learned in class and get new skills in reading, mathematics, and problem solver. Funbrain to delivers a simple, fun and secure experience to get even the youngest children. That introduces young children to the Internet and teaches these people how to change the mouse button and keyboard. Funbrain is usually free of cost to students although teachers must pay $39. 95 account fee annually to have total access. This technology exists to instructors twenty four seven but I do think students have access to it simply at institution. This customized to help students of all ages manage their learning and produce it part with their everyday lives. The Starfall browsing program is made fun, thrilling, and to instill confidence in young children because they learn to go through. This web-affiliated technology provides clear and effective equipment to help professors implement proven teaching methods. The Starfall Website is simple for students to navigate individually, but it is usually not designed as a surrogate for the teacher. Starfall employs the computer to develop feelings of wonderment and perform, not rote assessment. The activities, songs and books match your classroom by creating an ambiance of fun and enthusiasm that infuses all aspects of learning. This site is available to educators and college students twenty four several and it's absolutely free.

Technology Review1

Technology Review

Joyce A. Sama

EDU225: Instructional Technology

January 18, 2012

Mentor Tisha Faulkner - Scholarhip

Technology Review2

Starfall. com can be described as web based source technology that could easily be integrated into the majority of k-2 classes to enhance students' language and literacy expertise which can increase pupil learning. Starfall includes alphabet knowledge, cvc readers, emergent readers and seasonal online activities. The format is usually engaging and student-user friendly. Here are two ways Starfall could possibly be integrated into the classroom placing. The teacher could use the projected for the Interactive white board within a whole group review or perhaps at the present student's computer centers when reviewing literacy skills. To use...


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