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Des Moines State, Iowa " Community Into the Quality of Life Functionality”

Kim Hinson Community Well being Nursing European Governors College or university June twenty two, 2013



Evaluating and examining my local community Des Moines County, Iowa this conventional paper will be making use of collected data of epidemiology, population economic status, neighborhood/ community protection programs, social assessments, and disaster analysis planning. A residential area health indication genogram will be included with a brief interpretation. At the completion of this kind of paper a formulated community diagnosis based on the data collection will be supplied.


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Established in 1834, over the Southeastern boundary of Kklk Moines County, Iowa operates the great Mississippi River. The state seat is Burlington, New jersey. Along with Burlington, IA there are 19 other areas. Des Mo. is the 15th largest county based on populace compared to other IA counties. Population (as of 2010 census) forty, 325. The area of the state is 416 square miles of terrain. In Des Mo. State there are ninety six. 9 persons per sq mile, 96. 82 % is property, and three or more. 18% is water. Dieses Mo. Region is a significant land farming community with 650 total land facilities, 192, one hundred sixty five acres total in land farms, and 296 massive areas being the regular size farm. POPULATION AND ECONOMIC STATUS The average median resident age group is 37. 9 years, 48. 3% male, and 51. seven percent female. White colored Non-Hispanic constitute 91. 1%, black Non-Hispanic 3. 6%, hispanic/Latino installment payments on your 4%, asian 1 . 0%, and all other folks 1 . 6%. Cost of living index is considered low 80. three or more (with U. S. low average 100). Estimated home income is definitely $44, 782. 61% Democrats, 38% Republican, and 1% other. 12. 9% of residents in Des Mo. County live in poverty. Whites 10. 3%, Blacks 53. 4%, Hispanics thirty-one. 2%, American Indians 12-15. 1%, sixty six. 5% different races, and 48. 1% of several races. 6th. 4% happen to be unemployed. seven percent do not speak any English language at all. 46% population in Des Mo. are affiliated with a religious members. 16% Combined Methodist, 12% Evangelical Lutheran, 27% Catholic, 6% Usa Church of Christ, and 38% various other. Adult diabetes rate 8. 5%. Adult obesity level 30%. Lowincome preschool weight problems rate 10. 3%.



The most typical industries intended for male and female workers is definitely construction, equipment, metal/plastic items, and general public administration. The most typical occupations pertaining to male and female is administrators, sales personnel, truck drivers, and material workers/plastic staff. 501 people in Kklk Mo. County reside in assisted living facilities, 127 consist of non-institutional group quarters and 53 in hospitals/wards/hospices to get chronically ill. On average you will discover 12. almost 8 births to 10. four deaths every 1000 populace from 1990-1999. 9% with the population has no health insurance. 21122. 24 hospital admissions and 68328. 56 emergency room sessions per 95, 000 human population. More than condition average Kklk Mo. Region had 138. 7 suicides between 2000-2006. 67% of these were which has a firearm. COMMUNITY SAFETY AND DISASTER ORGANIZING Des Mo. County has a 3. two times slightly above the state of Iowa typical for area-adjusted tornado activity. Area warning announcement sirens are put throughout county towns to warn of such an function. Between 1950-2004 tornados in Des Mo. have induced 32 accidental injuries. Most recent natural disasters happen to be storms and flooding. In-may 2010 FEMA declared a great incident of severe thunderstorm and ton. Neighborhood and community basic safety programs just like Watchdog, Sex Offender Computer registry, and Pedophile Free Zone are set up throughout the community. Crime rates will be somewhat reduced in Des Moines County with burglary and suspicious activity being almost all police calls.

COMMUNITY WELL BEING NURSING COMMUNITY SAFETY AND DISASTER PLANNING Disaster readiness in Kklk Mo. Region is a mixture of area hostipal wards, law

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enforcement, public health,...

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