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 Marc Lepine  Mindset Perspective Essay




Marc Lepine, a 25 yr old boy moved into the corridors of Montreal's École Polytechnique University and started separating boys and girls. Then he opened fireplace and killed 14 girls (The Montreal Massacre – Gunman massacres 14 ladies, 1989). Looking into Marc's circumstance deeply and studying his childhood uncovers that his actions can be significantly discussed using mental theories just like Miller and Dollard's 4 Stage theory, the idea of deficient empathy and Bowlby's and Ainsworth's add-on theory. This paper not merely depicts the effect of the emotional deviant behaviours but as well its link with above mentioned theories. Steps have already been taken to take this paper further than the class teachings simply by researching various books, media articles and journals.


What will go through your mind in the event he/she listens to a boy wiped out 14 women at once? An ordinary person would think " was he crazy? ”, " was he out of his mind? ” and more terms like this. The same event happened on 12 , 6th, 1989. Marc Lepine, a 25 year old young man entered the corridors of Montreal's École Polytechnique University or college and began separating children. He then exposed fire and killed 13 girls (The Montreal Massacre – Gunman massacres 18 women, 1989). His words and phrases such as " I want women”, " I actually hate feminists” show his hatred toward women and his cause for carrying out this criminal offense. Just before getting rid of women, this individual justified his actions by simply saying " You're all a bunch of feminists. I hate feminists” (Eglin and Hester, 2003). Marc's home wonderful family atmosphere were the major contributors towards the crime fully commited by Marc. EMPATHY

Sympathy is the foundation all morality and sociable life. The best and most appropriate time to master empathy is childhood. Parents are the main ‘teachers' in this case. Deficiency of empathy makes a person self-centered, cold, inhumane and as a result they often times don't experience guilt, id and remorse. To build sympathy, understanding the various other person's perspective is very important. The possible lack of empathy may have disastrous results, as the people whom lack that show their effects later on in their lives. Killers lack principles or they do not truly feel remorse toward their victims. In some cases, criminals gain personal pleasure coming from physically dominating and over powering their patients. This is the reason why murderers and dramon killers can hold out daily tasks actually after carrying out homicides. This all links to the fact that they have under no circumstances learned to feel accord for others inside their childhood. His family, specially his father, was a significant contributor intended for the lack of empathy, as he was brought up in highly unable to start family (Craig, 2007). The revelation of Marc's father's behaviour by simply his mommy in a court docket " Having been a raw man, whom did not apparently have any kind of control over his emotions... It was always a physical gesture, a violent touch, and always correct in the face” (Ramsland), shows the connection among Marc's actions and his parental input. This sort of the child years exposure probably will have unwanted side effects, especially concerning empathy. Marc's action clearly showed not any empathy. His brutal actions and murdering fourteen girls showed simply no signs of accord, sympathy, take pleasure in and caring feelings, specifically towards women. The lack of empathy towards females was the result of his father's character. Marc's dad believed that ladies only existed to provide men (Ramsland). Also, his father was a " frotterist (he used to rub his genitals up against women)” (Craig, 2007). The actions of his daddy, and his damaging and dominant behaviour to women, especially Marc's mother arouse precisely the same feelings in Marc. The harder he tried to try to escape from that, the more closely it captured Marc.

Due to the insufficient empathy, he was never well-liked by girls. This is often clearly viewed, as he did not have a whole lot of girlfriends, and the few he had, hardly ever stayed with him for a...

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