Dramatization of Isolation in Nathaniel Hawthorne's `the Scarlet Letter'

 Essay upon Dramatization of Isolation in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s the Scarlet Letter’

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25 August 2013

Dramatization of Isolation in Nathaniel Hawthorne's `The Scarlet Letter'

Nathaniel Hawthorne in The Scarlet Letter focuses on the concept of the isolation through the whole book. Using a variety of literary approaches and descriptions of thoughts and characteristics, Hawthorne can fully depict the inner feelings of injure suffered by the central characters as a result of extreme loneliness and seclusion. The torturous of isolation, happen to be experienced by key numbers, Hester Prynne, Arthur Dimmesdale, and Roger Chillingworth, every single due to several situations also to various degrees. These heroes undergo a journey, which will separates all of them from culture. Such a journey allows them to explore their needs and desires within an existential quest that eventually allows those to recognize themselves as individuals. This trip follows a pattern of fall, renunciation, and payoff.

The Scarlet Letter is mostly concerned with the thoughts and feelings of Hester Prynne. Hester, as an outcast of society, experience the most noticeable and obvious form of isolation. As a image of sin, Hester can be viewed by strict Puritanical town since an outsider, a presence of evil, and, finally, one who can be detested simply by God. The town's severe condemnation of Hester can be revealed by using a local female's comment, " …at the very least, they should include put the make of hot iron on Hester Prynne's forehead" (Hawthorne, 36). Although this kind of dire attitude towards Hester does at some point improve, due to her various benevolent works for the indegent, she by no means truly will escape the energy of lonesomeness and segregation present in her life. This fact is further more stressed by simply Hawthorne's exclusion of all discussion and listenings, a using context and form, in chapter five to demonstrate that Hester has absolutely no conversation with the world beyond her occasional outings to area to receive and deliver adornments orders, referred to as " dark and inscrutable. " The forest, in contrast, provides Hester with a secluded habitat by which she may possibly seek real truth and get away the glares of humankind, though whilst downhearted and alone.

Isolated from the constraints enforced by living in such a stern traditions through the public's disdain and her individual rejection of the local morals, Hawthorne's protagonist experiences freedom from the leaf spring shackles of the community's austere approach to life. Hester Prynne contemplates fresh ideas, which in turn would never have occurred to her were she not removed from the general populace by her show up. Hawthorne describes this emancipation writing,

Alone, and hopeless of retrieving her position, possibly had the lady not scorned to contemplate it desirable, -- she players away the fragments of any broken chain. The planet's law was no law for her mind.... In her lonesome cottage, by shore, thoughts visited her, such as dared to enter not any other home in Fresh England. (Hawthorne, 151)

This kind of passage explains the effect of isolation upon Hester. The `` broken phrases of a cracked chain'' the lady casts away symbolize the confinement of recent England's puritanical ideology. The line `` the world's rules was no law for her mind'' illustrates her abandonment of this faith's doctrines, which allows her experience thoughts that `` dare to no additional dwelling in New Great britain. '' The loneliness of Hester's exclusion from culture provides her with a independence of intellect that can not be found in tradition governed by simply rigid belief system. Yet , it proves difficult to agree to thoughts that challenge the convictions that the scarlet letter's bearer has been subject matter so long. The result of Hester's years put in separated in the influence of public's beliefs and regulations are obvious:

For years past she looked from this alienated point of view for human organizations, and what ever priests or legislators established; criticizing almost all with...

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