Chemistry Composition


|Faculty |: |Faculty of Engineering & Science | |Unit Code |: |UEMK1013 | |Course |: |Chemical Engineering | |Unit Name |: |Chemistry for Executive | |Year/ Semester |: |Year 1/ Trimester one particular | |Lecturer |: |Dr. Loh Ryan Chern | |Session |: |201101 | |Date |: |9th – 16th Mar 2010

Tutorial No . 2 [Part I actually: Multiple Choice Questions (each question holds 1 mark)].

Q1. Which is the IUPAC name intended for the following mixture?


a) cis-1-isobutyl-3-methylcyclohexane

b) cis-3-isobutyl-1-methylcyclohexane

c) cis-1-butyl-3-methylcyclohexane

d) trans-1-isobutyl-3-methylcyclohexane

Q2. What compound would deliver an equimolar mixture of CH3CH2CH2CHO and CH3CHO upon treatment with O3, followed by Zn/HOAc?

a) 1-Hexene

b) cis-2-Hexene

c) trans-2-Hexene

d) Multiple of these

Q3. Select the structure of the significant product created in the next reaction.


a) I

b) 2

c) 3

d) IV

Q4. Which will reagent or perhaps test can you use to separate phenylacetylene and vinylbenzene?

a) NaOH/H2O

b) Br2/CCl4

c) IR Spectroscopy

d) CrO3/H2SO4

Q5. Which usually of the next statements regarding cyclooctatetraene is NOT true?

a) The chemical substance rapidly decolorizes Br2/CCl4 solutions.

b) The compound speedily decolorizes aqueous solutions of KMnO4.

c) The chemical substance readily adds hydrogen.

d) The compound is comparable to benzene in stableness.

Q6. Which usually reagent(s) would serve as the basis for a simple chemical check that would distinguish between benzene and cyclohexene?

a) NaOH in H2O

b) Br2 in CCl4

c) AgNO3 in C2H5OH

d) NaHSO3 in H2O

Q7. The ingredients shown under can be distinguished by which 1H-NMR characteristics?


I) number of signals

II) splitting

III) integration

IV) chemical shift

a) My spouse and i, II, 4

b) We, IV

c) II

d) IV

Q8. Identify the reagent(s) that will bring about this reaction:


a) Li/liq. NH3

b) LiAlH[OC(CH3)3]3, ether

c) NaBH4, CH3OH

d) LiAlH4, azure

Q9. Precisely what is the major item of the subsequent reaction?


a) My spouse and i

b) II

c) 3

d) My spouse and i and 2 in around equal portions

Q10. Organise the compounds in the order of increasing solubility in normal water (least soluble first). (help: add the lone pairs to the fresh air atoms to see the possibility of hydrogen bonding involving the molecules and water) [pic]

a) I actually, III, 2, IV

b) III, I actually, IV, 2

c) My spouse and i, IV, 2, III

d) IV, I, III, II

Q11. List the following chemical substances in order of accelerating level of oxidation: [pic]

a) I, 2, III

b) III, 2, I

c) II, I, III

d) III, I, II

Q12. The following change would be considered a(n)?


a) reduction

b) oxidation process

c) addition

d) reduction

Q13. Visible peaks inside the IR variety are enough to distinguish between which chemical substances? I) butane gas and cyclobutane

II) toluene and methylcyclohexane

III) 2-pentanone and 3-pentanone

IV) pentanal and 1-pentene

a) We, III

b) II, III

c) II, IV

d) III, IV

Q14. Which of the molecules are principal alcohols?


a) III, II

b) IV, I

c) II, III

d) I, II

Q15. The major industrial method in use today for the availability of methanol is the:

a) hydration of ethyne.

b) hydrogenation of carbon dioxide.

c) reduction of methanal.

d) catalytic lowering of co2...


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