Ordering and Inventory System

 Ordering and Inventory Program Essay

Section I


This part presents the setting of the analyze, statement from the problem, targets, scope and delimitation and significance from the study.

Background with the study

With this generation, the most commonly used electronic digital equipment is the computer. Computer can be categorized as one of the requirements of the people today. Wherever we all go, what ever we can we always use computer to accomplish our task and activities. Almost all the institutions, institutions, businesses and firm depend on the capability of the laptop. Villa De Prado Pool area and Beach Resort, situated in the exclusive The southern part of Tagalog Place of Quezon Province, the master of the hotel is Ms. Eufemia Versus. Prado in fact it is started previous 1997. The resort offers the ultimate atmosphere for meetings, trainings and workshops, conferences, family reunions, debut, kiddie parties and weddings. It can be known to be the most beautiful resort situated in Brgy. Bignay 1, Sariaya, Quezon. The resort features transactions just like Reservations, Billing and Instructions. Reservation Deal is responsible to record the booking for the shoppers. Billing Deal is in demand to compute the user's bill, additionally, it compute the packages each uses. Orders ventures is for the canteen in the resort, it can count the bill of the consumers that they take in or order. Statement from the problem


The main difficulty of the study is the manual billing, booking, and purchasing system of Villa del Pastizal. Currently Rental property del Pasto is having trouble in records keeping as well as the billing method, in general, that occur in their transaction.

Certain Problem

1 ) The invoicing and reservation process is usually unorganized

2 . Inaccurate computation of data

3. Records will be unsecured

Goals of the Research

General Goals of the Analyze

The general aim of this research is to create a system that could maximize the resorts efficiency in their organization transaction by developing a digital management details system that could automate their business transactions.

Particular Objectives in the Study

1 . To organize the billing and reservation method

2 . To produce accurate output

3. To enforce the safety of the system

Scope and Delimitation

This kind of study concentrates in employing a digital billing, purchasing and reservation system intended for Villa del Prado.

The suggested system is limited only to Management Information System for Property del Pastizal. Billing system includes the reservation amount, description and price. When reservation amount was joined the corresponding information and price will appear, then your sub total automatically confirmed. Reservation program includes areas settings, it truly is for adding and recording of accessibility to rooms, desks or cottage and the matching price. The of payment on day tour and overnight is likewise recorded. In the room, reservation includes room quantity, member list and customer reservation. Buyer Information adds to your home for a new customer. In ordering program, contains the selling price list of obtainable foods and beverage inside the menu that the customer can easily order.

Additionally , this study used Aesthetic Basics six. 0 to develop the procedure of the whole system and Microsoft Access for creating a database.

Significance from the Study

This study will benefit the device user in reserving the area and billing the guest. Files of the guest could be easily retrieved. Specifically, the research will certainly become beneficial to the next.

OWNER/MANAGER. Especially the owner will probably be benefited using computer-based program because it can help him in updating the records quicker and less difficult. It will let them have an accurate effect and convenience the difficulty of calculating in a amount of time having a minimum efforts.

ASSIGN PERSONNEL. Less time will be consumed on computing bills.

CUSTOMERS. They may enjoy the quickly service of Villa delete Prado and accurate results will meet them.



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