perceptions of the college students regarding professor's competency

 perceptions with the students regarding professor’s expertise Essay

Chapter IV

Presentation, Examination and Presentation of Data

This kind of chapter features the outcomes of the data obtained in the data gathering stage with the research. These data experienced the statistical tools which the researchers employed in order to solve the problem provided in the examine.

I. Requirements Possessed By Professors with regards to Educational Achievement Table 4

Professor's Educational Attainment



Or perhaps






Bachelor's Degree












Bachelor of Law





a few












The researchers included in its opportunity 12 Accounting and Legislation professors to be interviewed because professor-respondents. Five Accounting teachers and two Law instructors were only interviewed. A single Accounting professor did not enable our interview, and the relax were discovered to have incredibly hectic agendas that the researchers were not be able to interview them. According to the JRU handbook which will contains the educational attainment with the professors, these 12 instructors studied their very own bachelor's level, MBA and LLB from the prestigious and well-known colleges and universities in the Korea whose course flagships will be BSA, and LLB. Individuals schools consist of ADMU, DLSU, UE, San Beda, PUP, FEU, PSBA, NCBA, San Sebastian, USC and JRU to name all. One Accounting professor graduated magna cum laude via his bachelor's degree and With Substantial Distinction via his MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION. One Accounting professor managed to graduate cum laude from his bachelor's degree and one other Accounting professor also managed to graduate cum laude from his MBA. Furthermore, one Legislation professor graduated cum laude from Law School. II. Students' Response Concerning Their particular Professors' Teaching Performance TABLE 5

Mastery of the Subject Matter

I. Competence of the Subject material

The stand above displays the outcomes of the Accounting and Regulation professors' instructing competency with regards to their Competence of the Material as recognized by the third year and fourth 12 months students. Teachers who have the greatest mastery are professors of first, Law about Partnerships and Corporations while using average of three. 87 or perhaps " Highly Agree” assessment on all components of the " Competence of the Subject material. ” Second, Law upon Obligations and Contracts and Financial Accounting 3 instructors with three or more. 45 or perhaps " Firmly Agree” and the third a single, professors of Cost Accounting with a few. 38 on an average or perhaps " Agree”. The professors of Cash flow Taxation with 2 . twenty nine or " Disagree” own a poor competence of the topic as observed from the table. They sadly lack expertise of the subject they handle as identified by the participants. TABLE 6

Teaching Designs and Tactics

The preceding above presented uncovers the professors whose teaching models and techniques are the majority of preferred by the students. The 3rd year and fourth season students choose to teaching designs and methods of the Regulation of Collaboration and Firm professors the most with three or more. 37 or perhaps " Agree”, followed by Cost Accounting teachers with 3. 27 or perhaps " Agree” and Commitments and Legal agreements Law with 3. twenty six or " Agree”. However, the BSA Students are generally not in favour of the Income Taxation professors' Styles and Tactics with 2 . 19 or " Disagree” remark. DESK 7

Success in Conversation

III. Success in Conversation

It requires the professor's approachability, comprehendible explanation of the subject matter, fantastic effective relay of knowledge. Regularly, the instructors of Rules on Alliance and Corporation are the most beneficial with 3. 67 or " Highly Agree”. The fee Accounting and Financial Accounting 3 teachers are too very effective towards the students with 3. 54 and 3. 52, correspondingly or " Strongly Agree” assessment with the students. For 3 times in a row, students perceive the Income Tax teachers as the least effective with 2 . fifty-one or " Agree”. TABLE 8

Classroom Management

4. Classroom Management

The above demonstration of data is about how the...


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